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Bimcon Making Tangible From Intangibles | Bimcon Consulting Services

Why Bimcon

Bimcon Making Tangible From Intangibles | Bimcon Consulting Services

Bimcon is a very dynamic services firm, thanks to core services offered and strategic and proved alliances to successfully fulfill most of our clients’ requirements.

Our Brand:

Bimcon (Bim = Business improvement, con = consulting) is a Mexican firm incorporated in 2013. It consists of a group of professionals with broad and proved experience in several industries, shaped in renowned consulting firms throughout the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is focused on “Generating value for our clients through the implementation of projects with the highest quality, focusing on establishing long-term business relationships”.

Our Vision

“Being a reliable company for our clients; renowned in the market”.

Bimcon’s DNA and culture are grounded on the following values:

  • Respect We listen and take into consideration our clients’ ideas to incorporate them in their projects.
  • Proactivity We always strive to foresee, sense, react and respond in a positive manner to any issues that may arise in our projects.
  • Honesty We lead by example in every action and are consistent with our values.
  • Responsibility We take over any activities we must undertake.
  • Objetivity We maintain independence in decision-making based on our experience, always looking for our clients’ benefit.
  • Quality Our priority is exceeding expectations from our deliverables and services.